The Beginning 
For our second project, the first phase involved collecting 5 junk/trash objects that served no use or was thrown away. I found a few objects from my room to use but also included some objects from second-hand stores. After collecting the objects, models of them were made in Cinema4D and then a final print of either a singular object of a combination of objects is created.
Initial Idea 
For my print, I decided to enlarge my candy dispenser and put all of my other objects inside of it. Then, I found free debris models online and enlarged them to create a landfill-esque environment. Since modern globalization, humans have been producing tons of trash without a second thought of where the trash will end up. In most cases, trash ends up in a landfill and stays there for many years. I wanted to convey the message that humans are producing so much trash that it is like they're dispensing it. The smiley face on the dispenser is representative of human society as a whole, as many of them are unaware of the consequences from living in such a consumerist society, so they are often care-free and happy. This project will be updated once I have received my classmate's models for their objects (see the remix
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