Once I have received everyone's files for their 3D models, I used them to expand upon my previously discussed idea of humans dispensing trash. In this remix, I first took a PEZ dispenser, multiplied them and enlarged them to create a feeling of skyscrapers. To supplement that, I added pre-made models of tall buildings behind them. These PEZ dispensers are representative of corporations (just like how corporate headquarters are located in skyscrapers). Then I created more of my smiley face dispensers and trapped them in a cage. Inside each smiley face dispenser lies a bundle of of objects that are harmful to the environment or useless outside of certain contexts. These smiley face dispensers are representative of the common person. Surrounding everything are said trash objects flying everywhere as they are being "dispensed" from the corporate and people dispensers. Altogether, this composition is a message about how corporations control the common people in terms of what kind of trash they are dispensing into the environment. Most people are unaware of how much society is being controlled by corporations, which is shown by the smiling carefree faces on the dispensers. Eventually, the cage and its surrounding area will be completely covered by trash as both the corporates and the people continue to dispense trash carelessly. 
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